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Inside the Future by Henry Lucas

Inside the Future: Surviving the Technology Revolution (Praeger 2008), by Hank Lucas, chair of the decision, operations and information technologies department at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, is the companion book to The Transformation Age. It is written exclusively for educators and presents material to supplement the television documentary. The book’s discussion is oriented around a series of rules of the revolution, including:

  • Every process is becoming digital, mobile and virtual (Carly Fiorina).
  • Products and services that can become digital will, and their physical representations will disappear.
  • Physical products will be marketed with information components.
  • Organizations are shifting as much work to consumers as possible: the age of customer self-service is here.
  • People want the freedom to set their own schedules, to work and engage in leisure activities from a location of their choosing.
  • Technology enables powerful online communities: power to the people.
  • Bundles are a mixed blessing: some services are better bundled, some are better unbundled and the market will choose the winners.
  • Technology will speed up every process, reducing cycle times and driving inefficiencies out of the economy.
  • Local markets will become national and international.
  • Technology will continue to accelerate globalization.
  • The spoils go to innovators and those who can execute.
  • The rapid development of new technology-based business models is responsible for a hypercompetitive economy.
  • Individuals, organizations and countries who resist technological change and fail to adapt will be left behind.