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As educators look to prepare students for a fast-changing, global and networked economy they are challenged to provide students with frameworks to help them identify and cope with these disruptive technologies.

This guide provides educators with ideas on how to bring the documentary The Transformation Age to the classroom. It can be used by both university and high school educators to help develop and integrate material on information technology transformations into their teaching. Seven lessons covering major themes include suggestions for student exploration as well as links to video segments from the documentary that can be downloaded for classroom viewing. Inside the Future: Surviving the Technology Revolution, a companion book, is an educational supplement and provides further material for discussion.


Lessons for the Classroom
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Inside the Future: Surviving the Technology Revolution


The Transformation Age, a documentary co-produced by the University of Marylandís Robert H. Smith School of Business and Maryland Public Television, highlights the power information technology has to enable transformations in firms, markets and industries. It is about the pervasive impact of a technology revolution that has brought us virtually unlimited computing capacity and connectivity. Check local listings.